Brunswick FC

BFC Coaches Code of Conduct



The Brunswick Football Club (BFC) expects all coaches to adhere to the following code of conduct:


1. Commitment


A coach's commitment is to improve the performance of the players and the team physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. A player needs to participate in a high-quality soccer program in a positive atmosphere and it is the coach that needs to provide a high-quality soccer program for players within a positive environment and atmosphere.


2. Know Your Subject


A coach must be thoroughly acquainted with FIFA Laws of the Game and best practices for coaching.


3. Respect


Coaches must respect all human beings - including players, referees and other coaches.  Opponents and referees must be treated with respect. Players must be coached to compete within the Laws of the Game.


4. Enthusiasm


Coaches must be enthusiastic and positive. They must ensure that they are generous with their praise when deserved.


5. Professionalism


A coach must maintain the high standards of personal conduct and fair play. Coaches should never be involved in any circumstance, which is offensive or suggests sexual connotations.