Brunswick FC


Fresh Start and Rebuild in Brunswick County, NC

Published Mar 18, 2021

Brunswick County, N.C. – Seven months after relocating to a new county, Levi United Football Club is enjoying the environment of Brunswick County and the breathe of fresh air and opportunity it has provided.

Being the only professional development club in the county, LUFC is building a strong Men’s team with local players from all around Brunswick County and a few players from the Wilmington area as well.

Levi United Football Club plans on building a developmental club with the pathway from academy to professional development. Currently, LUFC has a Men's team that will be playing in the Eastern Premier Soccer League (EPSL). The EPSL is a regional league affiliated with the third division professional league in the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA).
LUFC men’s team will have the opportunity to compete in the NISA Independent Cup, Lamar U.S. Open Cup, and the EPSL Premier Championship. The opportunities that playing in the EPSL will bring to LUFC are endless and we are very excited about the growth and competition that we will face. 

LUFC plans on bringing both youth and women's professional development teams to the Brunswick County area in the nearest future. “I believe now is the time for Brunswick County to have a soccer club to help develop and showcase the talents that the county has to offer,” said Emmanuel Sarkorh (President and Men's Head Coach).

“For me, it’s a great breakthrough to operate a developmental club in one of the fastest-growing counties in America, “ said Mr. Sarkorh. LUFC will take the right approach in building a strong developmental club for the people of Brunswick County and nearby areas.

Four of LUFC men's team players were asked questions in an interview done by the club. Jacob Fisher, Nicholas Baker, Aaron Frye, and Luis Aguilar talk about the development of the players, and the club.

What opportunity has LUFC brought to the Brunswick county area, Luis?

“The opportunities it has brought already is to start something special, not to mention the endless opportunities it will bring for future generations. It’s an honor to be part of the LUFC family, it has given not only me a chance but the county of Brunswick to show what type of hidden talent comes from here. The best part is that the younger generations can now look forward to being part of the LUFC family, instead of having to travel over an hour. It’s a tremendous step in the right direction for Brunswick county.”

What do you think of the LUFC Men’s Team, Nicholas?

“I think the LUFC men’s team as well as the whole EPSL league is a fantastic opportunity for players desiring to make it to the next level. LUFC has now given me the chance to do things which are critical to the recruitment process such as playing before pro scouts and accumulating game footage. Before LUFC came to Brunswick County there were no official teams which allowed young players to get the opportunities which are now available to them through this club. The dedication shown by the coach and the rest of the players makes me excited for the heights which this Semi-Pro club has the potential to reach.”

How is the development of the team over the past 7 months, Jacob?

“I think the team’s development has been really promising. In the beginning we were still looking for our consistent starting XI and figuring out how we should play as a team. Now that we’ve figured all of that out, the team has been able to put theory into practice and it’s starting to show in our recent scrimmages.”

How has the opportunity at LUFC changed your prospective of soccer in Brunswick County, Aaron?

“Bringing a semi-pro club to a county like Brunswick is game changing. Brunswick county is alluring and has so much to offer. From the always growing population to the beautiful landscape. The one thing that was missing was competitive soccer after high school. LUFC is bringing that opportunity to Brunswick county and we are excited to show what we have to offer.”

With great ownership, quality players, and a great fan base. LUFC will give opportunities to the Brunswick County people in the world of soccer like never seen before. 

2021 will be a joy to see unfold for Levi United Football Club.