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A Liberian Native with Bright Future in Soccer

Published Apr 29, 2021

Brunswick County, N.C. - Emmanuel Sarkorh, President and Head Coach of Levi United Football Club Men’s Professional Development team has been appointed on the board for the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association. 


Mr. Sarkorh will serve the board as Vice President of Growth and Development. He will oversee the development and growth of soccer through leagues and players in North Carolina. 

This new opportunity will put him in a position to help the state of North Carolina’s highest adult soccer organization grow to new heights. 

Since being in the United States, he played soccer for Charlotte Soccer Academy, North Mecklenburg High School, and was on the Chowan University men’s soccer team. In 2017, he was appointed as the president for Levi United Football Club, Inc. In 2019, he started working for the United Premier Soccer League, LLC., as the assistant conference manager of the Southeast Mid-Atlantic Conference. And in 2020, he started officiating high school games through the North Carolina High Athletic Association (NCHAA). During his time as the assistant conference manager for the United Premier Soccer League Southeast Mid-Atlantic Conference. He worked alongside the Conference Manager, Appalachian State Men’s Soccer Team Hall of Famer, Andy Salandy. He assisted with the development of schedules, communication with teams, branding and marketing. 


Mr. Sarkorh’s experiences, from operating a professional development club, assistant conference manager, coaching, and playing will help guide him to prosper in his new position. 


Sarkorh, the North Carolina Adult Soccer Association vice president of growth and development said, “I am thrilled to have been blessed with this opportunity. My love for the game is a driving force to see myself excel in the soccer world. I want to share my vision of helping with the growth and development of adult soccer in North Carolina.”


Mr. Sarkorh’s dream is to one day work for Liberia Football Association (LFA). He believes he can help grow soccer in the country of West Africa, Liberia. Sarkorh said, “To be honest, I want to see the growth of soccer in Liberia. It’s a beautiful land with a lot of talent and potential to compete in the world of soccer. Hopefully one day I will have the chance to help grow the game in my homeland of Liberia.”


The future is bright for Liberia soccer with the new generation of management learning their roots overseas.