Brunswick FC

What is BFC?

We are a club that is on the rise in Brunswick County, NC.

Over the past year, we have been energized by the passion of our board, our players, the dedication of our families, and the tireless effort of all involved to create a positive experience for our players.

Our club’s reputation is growing locally and regionally, and our program is growing in numbers as well.

Thanks to the hard work and guidance from our club’s coaches, our players are receiving greater attention from both pro-development and collegiate programs. We expect that to continue in the future and we are committed to helping players reach their full potential.


Our Club’s Foundation and Twelve Pillars of Character 

Our Clubs goal wasto  write a focused mission statement and identify character traits that are essential to success in soccer and in life. Our committee members understood that the foundation of our club needed to be identified, clarified and assembled.

During a series of meetings, we developed the focus point for our mission statement: 

Developing players, communities and character through soccer.  

Next, we looked at who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. We talked about developing people and developing players, but we needed to look at what developing people really meant. To figure this out, we asked, “What character traits do high level soccer players need?” ​

Through this process, we developed twelve-character traits that form the pillars of our club.


Twelve Pillars of Character

Brunswick Football Club will strive to instill these twelve pillars of character in every player within our club.

More importantly, these twelve traits will serve every player well not only on the soccer field, but in school and later in their adult lives.

Accountability:  An obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions​

Competitiveness: A strong desire to win while exerting the best effort in order to succeed; striving to always improve​

Confidence:  A belief in yourself, your team, and your collective ability that you can achieve a desired goal​

Creativity:  The ability to imagine new ideas, solutions, or possibilities​

Inclusiveness:   An acceptance of another’s opinions, views and suggestions​

Integrity:  A quality that implies honesty, fairness, ethics, good sportsmanship and moral character​

Leadership:  An ability to help a team reach a common goal by listening, inspiring, and encouraging others​

Passion:  A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement toward something​

Perseverance: A steady persistence to try to do something even though it is difficult; continuing in the face of difficulty​

Respect:  An understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way​

Teamwork:  Working as a group to achieve a common goal​

Love:  An understanding of togetherness or working as a group for one common goal 

Why this Club?

We are committed to helping each player reach their maximum potential while cultivating a sense of community and family pride within our club.

In all programs and all levels of play, you will see our innovative emphasis on our twelve pillars of character, extending beyond the soccer field and into everyday life.

We will listen to you and we will act to make positive changes so that our club can become your family.