Brunswick FC

BFC Consequences of Violating Rules



Types of problems

• Failure to fulfill financial commitments (to the club or to the team)
The player may be suspended from training and/or games until their account is current or acceptable payment arrangements are made.
• Single minor violation of team or club policies
Examples: tardiness or lack of focus in training
This should be dealt with between the player and coach. The coach will discuss the problem with the player, in private, and give the player an opportunity to correct the problem. 
The coach may use tools such as withholding playing time to provide incentive for the player to fix the issue.
• Recurring minor problems
If the player cannot fix the problem in a reasonable period of time, the coach or Director will discuss the problem and the player's inability to fix it with the player's parents.
The coach or Director may institute sanctions as described below until the problem is corrected.
• Major violations of club, league, or BFC policies
Examples: verbal abuse or physical assault on a teammate, coach, opponent, referee, or spectator; recurring sideline behavior problem by parent; excessive red cards.
The coach or the club Director may institute sanctions as described below.
There may be additional discipline from the league or BFC.
• As noted above, this list is NOT comprehensive,and some situations will require the club to craft a unique sanction. 



• Players
Players are subject to reasonable discipline at the coach or club’s discretion (running laps, writing an apology, etc.).
Players may be suspended from training or games for a length of time commensurate with the gravity of the offense.
Players involved in a major violation of league or BFC rules may be referred to those organizations for further discipline.
• Parents
Parents may be banned from fields during training.
Parents may be banned from fields during warmups, games, and post-game activities.
Parents may be subject to other reasonable rules that minimize or prevent the problematic parent behavior.



• If a player or parent feels that a punishment is unjust, they should discuss it with their coach.
• If there is not a satisfactory resolution, they should contact the Director.
• If the player or parent are unsatisfied with the coach’s decision, they may contact the Director. The Director will investigate the problem. Its decision is final.


Disciplinary actions by other organizations

• The different leagues that our teams play in and BFC each have their own disciplinary processes for significant problems such as assault on a referee or major problems between spectators. The club may support the player or team in such hearings, or abstain, depending on the results of our investigation of the incident and the severity of the proposed sanction. Any discipline handed down by those bodies is separate from any sanctions that the club imposes.