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Levi United FC Youth Academy Building a Path for Competitive Youth Soccer in Brunswick County, NC

Published Mar 8, 2022

Brunswick County, N.C. – Levi United FC Youth Academy U16 Elite Boys Team has completed their second tournament of the season. With six games played so far, this young team is hungry to develop to its full potential.

The U16 Elite boys coaching staff are pushing the players to improve every training session. With travel soccer being new to some of the players, the coaches know the experience the players are gaining every tournament is massive for their development.

The club president, Mr. Sarkorh, is making sure the young players are enjoying the sport while learning new ways to better themselves. “It’s great having these young players develop in an environment they can learn from coaches, teammates, and the club staff. Our goal is to have our players exposed to high level, quality soccer outside of the county. It will help give the players a better perspective about what they need to do to compete at the highest level of youth soccer” said Mr. Sarkorh.

Our coaches are highly motivated about the opportunity and development of our young players in the county. “I think the experience the players will gain from playing with the travel ball team will help them find a different joy and passion for the sport outside of the regular season. The bond they’ll create on and off the pitch as they travel together will be solidified tenfold, as well on the pitch which is extremely important for the development as a team. Not only does it help them individually as players but it also allows them to see different cities and college campuses within the state of NC. Truly, an unforgettable experience they’ll cherish.” said Coach Luis. Coach Luis is in his second year of coaching our players.

We have another new addition in his first-year coaching, Coach Anthony. Coach Anthony is very excited about the development of the program. “I think the way LUFCYA program is changing the development is by showing players how to play soccer the proper way. LUFCYA has challenged the players to get away from bad habits learned from earlier stages in their development. The program has really shown the team how to establish an identity and change of attitude to compete in a way our players never have before. From day one, their growth has been astronomical and it continues to grow game by game. The youth program has changed the mentality and character of the players to never back down from anything. Our players have shown that they can hang with the top teams in the state. LUFCYA program really cares and caters to the players needs and focuses strongly on the deeper understandings of the sport. With time, the county will soon remember the name Levi United FC Youth Academy.” said Coach Anthony.

Goalkeeper Coach, Alex and Defender Coach, Aaron are a also new additions to our staff. They are joining with high level playing experiences and are helping develop our player in all aspects. Our entire coaching staff is helping develop our players to reach new heights.

Our Team Admin, Katie Sarkorh, and some of the players parents are working hard to make sure the preparation before every tournament for the boys are second to none. The players are always relaxed and game focused because they have everything they need before heading on the trip for games. This new experience has helped create a lot of new friendships and bonds among the boys and a family environment for everyone connected with the club.

Our next tournament will be in April, our players and staff are working hard to make sure this tournament will be a success for our players development. 

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact us at or 980-395-9250.