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Levi United Football Club will be rebranding to Brunswick Football Club

By: Emmanuel & Katie Sarkorh
Published May 10, 2023

Brunswick County, NC - We are happy to announce that Levi United Football Club is rebranding to Brunswick Football Club. We have found our forever homeso, what more appropriate to do then carry that name as we build and establish in the greatest county in North Carolina.


Since 2020, the club has been experiencing rapid growth within the county. We have established an amateur professional development men’s team as well as the beginning of our youth academy with both boys and girl’s teams. Our youth academy has been traveling around the state and participating in tournament style play for the past 2 years and has been successfully putting Brunswick County on the map in the competitive youth soccer world. This is just the beginning of something great and we cannot wait to watch it grow and develop in the coming years.


The first LUFC/BFC event to be held is an elite boys’ soccer camp this summerJuly 14-15. The camp will be held at West Brunswick High School, and we welcome all boys ages 12-18. If interested in registering the link is below.



The men’s team will be the first of LUFC teams to transition and play under the name Brunswick Football Club (BFC) in the Fall of 2023. The youth teams will follow with the name change for the 2024 spring/summer season, which will start in November of 2023. 


Brunswick Football Club is for all Brunswick County soccer fansOur mission is to grow the game of soccer in our beloved county. This can only be done by representing the entire county. We welcome all residents to jump in and join the growth and establishment of the club. 



Summer 2023 Boys Camp


Registration Link: